Dr. Alexander J Smithson

Dr Alex J Smithson BVM&S BDS(Hons) CertEndod DipEndodontology MRCVS
Dual-qualified Veterinary Surgeon & human Dental Surgeon


We strive to provide a high-quality, courteous & prompt professional service. Client & patient care is always foremost and we treat patients in the same way that we would wish for our own pets.

The aim of referral is to provide you with the best possible advice and optimal treatment for your pet, for the best chance of success and recovery. Referral works in the same manner as your GP referring you to a specialist consultant at a hospital. Dr Smithson sees only dental, oral and maxillofacial cases and has the training (including human dentistry), experience and expertise to deal with these cases effectively and efficiently. All cases and patients are different and it is our job to address your concerns, identify your pet’s issues and discuss the potential options, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, and guide you through in a manner you feel comfortable with. Treatment, if appropriate, is performed by Dr Smithson, assisted by an experienced team and state of the art equipment.

Cases are seen on a strictly referral-only basis. To make a referral appointment you first need to contact your usual veterinary surgery; it is important that we liaise with your vet to ensure we have all the important health history for your pet. Knowing about issues they may have or medicines your pet may be taking enables us to advise you best and treat your pet most appropriately and safely. Whilst we cannot accept cases without referral, you have the right to referral and choice of referral centre. Clients are required to return to their usual, referring veterinary clinic for all other treatments.

Your veterinary surgeon is invited to contact our referral centres, either directly or via the websites.  A referral form (email, webpage or fax) minimises effort for the referring vet and enables us to organise optimal arrangements for you.