Dr. Alexander J Smithson

Dr Alex J Smithson BVM&S BDS(Hons) CertEndod DipEndodontology MRCVS
Dual-qualified Veterinary Surgeon & human Dental Surgeon

Case Advice For Pets

1. Image Reading

Advice on views:

No cost for quick advice on a maximum of 6 images.

Views from different aspects are advised.

Include all relevant views both xray & photographic image.

Malocclusion cases – Photographs should include both left & right lateral views, a rostral view & an open mouth to illustrate any areas of trauma. Lateral & rostral views must be of a fully CLOSED mouth. This may be in a conscious animal but ensure no tongue trapping.

In an anaesthetised animal the tongue should be temporarily reflected into the oropharynx & no ET tube should be present (CARE! Whilst reflecting the tongue ensure safety for patient & operator – sufficient oxygenation & depth of anaesthesia. Use an atraumatic gag if necessary to protect hands!).

Image Report:

Film & photograph interpretation & report via email; maximum 6 images per report.

Posted images will be returned by post. Recorded / special delivery is advised.

High quality emailed images are accepted.

Cost: £40 + VAT (+ P&P if posted)

2. Case guides

3. Referring